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Somebody filmed at the Four Seasons hotel where they have their own chocolate events. In the clip you can see a "metal cased" stone grinder/melangeur (looks like a small Cocoatown ECGC-65). Enclosed you will find two screenshots.

Does anyone know this machine? Is it any good?



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This looks like the ECGC-SS mini-grindeur from cocoatown. Andal from cocoatown mention it in this old thread:

I've seen one in person at a couple events where they were using it to show what their larger grinduers looked like. It appears to use the same bowl and conical stones as the older model of their melangers, which were a little larger than the current model. I'm not sure if they ever got into real production on them. The one in the video looks like it may be a demo unit, since it has a cocoatown sticker on it showing several of their products.

Hi Ben,

Indeed, it must be the ECGC-SS mini-grindeur from cocoatown. Thanks you very much for your help!



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