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Hello Folks

I am looking to make truffles that do not have a shell (bit like Royce's Nama Choco).  Is it just a case of adding extra sugar - such as corn syrup or inverted sugar - dusting with coco powder and suffering a really short shelf life?

We are also considering buying the book 'Fine Chocolates 2 Ganache'  by Jean- Pierre Wybauw.  The book is rather expensive, but we do want to focus on unrobed ganche at the moment, can someone give us some advice on which books to purchase.

Many Thanks,

Kevin and Donna x

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Hey kevin,
corn syrup/trimoline would definetely help you in the shelf life department.A method that works well is adding more chocolate to the ganache.for example use 200g of dark chocolate on 100g of cream. you'll however get a firmer texture (still smooth) which will help u roll them easier. After rolling,You can also lightly rub them with chocolate before the cocoa powder.
hope this helps
is there anyway to make them without rubbing them in chocolate before the coco powder? I don't want any chocolate covering them, just pure ganache and coco powder.

Thanks for the reply Omar. can dust them right away without adding chocolate.cocoa powder will still stick on there.
You have to be careful with your formulation though, if just dusting with cocoa powder as the cocoa powder can just absorb water from the ganache and form a paste - loosing that dusty effect. I know a chocolatier friend has a good formulation but I haven't asked him for it, I just do chocolate and cream, then dust and eat within a couple of hours, I have never stored them as such.
Neo Coco in the SF Bay area makes unenrobed chocolates. I don't know if they will share advice but worth looking into.
I just got back from the the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. I was particularily impressed with the 'pavés' - little sugar cube size pieces of ganache coated in cocoa powder (not enrobed). I have tried making these in the past, and as Tom said, I ended up with a pastey cocoa powder on the outside. Is the trick to making these a higher chocolate to cream ratio? Or maybe a butter based ganache?
The pavés I tried from Michel Chaudun in Paris are so soft and tender. I can't imagine he has high chocolate to cream ratio??? Any thoughts?


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