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I am trying to find unsweetened milk chocolate or stevia sweetened milk chocolate.  Yes, I know I have plebeian taste buds, but I love the texture of the milk chocolate, just not the cloying sweetness. And I do love dark couverture for the silky texture, but even that has a bit more bitterness than I like, and too much sugar.  I could also use some protein in my vice to help with blood sugar levels.  Anyone know of any makers doing this, or who could tell me how to make unsweetened couverture into unsweetened milk chocolate with home kitchen equipment?


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I know this is dark rather than milk but its the closest I could find to meet your requirements and no-one else has posted about it. 98%cocoa 2%stevia chocolate bar Let me know if you try it as I really want to get some, but postage to UK is too expensive


Thanks Richard, yeah the link must be out of date here's a working one

What mix do you use for your own if you don't mind me asking and does it work out cost effective?

Thanks for the info Richard, that gives me a couple of things to try including 100% chocolate if the craving hits me, I quite like stevia and coconut oil too so it sounds a great way to make low-carb chocolate. Much appreciated.


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