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upcoming trip to Zurich/suggestions for chocolate-related places to visit



I have an upcoming trip to Zurich and have been looking into chocolate-related places to visit.  It appears that the Lindt factory chocolate tour is closed so I am looking for other suggestions.  Are there any other manufacturers in that area (or a train ride away) that are interesting to visit?  Any special chocolate shops that stand out above the rest of the crowd?  I'm also open to hearing about any other ideas of things to do and see.  I've been doing a little bit of research online but 1st hand perspective is always better.




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Hi Andrea,

Lindt still has a great factory shop in Kilchberg. Speaking about manufacturers there aren;t many in Switzerland, and the famous Sprüngli (Bahnofstraße/Paradenplatz) seems to work with chocolate produced by Felchlin, like most chocolatiers there. However there some shops/boutiques for artisan chocolates, besides the chains Mercury, where you can find most of Swiss factory made chocolate brands, and Teuscher, Right now I remember only Truffe in Schlüsselgasse, where I was just last Friday :) and got the last bar of Porcelana by Idillio.
Let me know, if you would like to get some addresses.

Thanks for the response. No need for any addresses. I can probably figure that out once I am there. I guess I was looking more for artisinal chocolate makers as opposed to any large-scale manufacturers. Hopefully I'll stumble across a few interesting places while I am out and about.

Well, Zürich isn't a "chocolaty" place in this sence - "we are known for the best factory made chocolate in the world". Sprüngli seems to be enough .... And every Merkur presents truffes and chocolates by Läderach.

But check this one - I was going to but it wasn't right thing relying on the address and not taking it.:
Vollenweider Chocolatier Confiseur
Theaterstrasse 1
8001 Zürich

And at Baur au Lac - - at least one really great artisan chocolatier started his carier.
OK - sounds good. I'll definitely check them out. It does seem like Zurich would be all about the chocolate not so much apparently. I'm sure there are a few gems out there and I'll try to find them.

Thanks again,


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