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Hi there, I have been working with chocolate for quite some time now and am just starting to encounter a problem lately.  I am making large sheets of chocolate and topping with nuts/freeze dried ingredients etc, or mixing some of the ingredients into the chocolate then spreading.  My chocolate is coming out looking fine and is testing properly on parchment paper, but after about 2 hours it starts to go whitish grey, with swirls and marks on the surface.  It definitely seems to happen more with more inclusions. Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong and if there is a way to prevent it.

Thank you Belinda

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It sounds like the chocolate is cooling too slowly - the chocolate is losing temper as it starts to crystalize and gives off heat.  Try adding some air movement.

When we bought our little dipper (used) I contacted Hilliard's for a manual and they sent me a PDF manual. It has been invaluable because it has a troubleshooting table. Check out page 9 of the PDF that should be uploaded.



Hi Larry, thanks so much for the response and PDF, it is very helpful. Cheers Belinda


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