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Dumb ? for chocolate users, but I need some input, Please.

Is there a way I can change the taste of coating to taste more like chocolate? Thank You

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Sorry but no. If you love chocolate enough to be a mmber of thi site...... forget the coating stuff and stay true to your tastebuds. There's nothing like the real deal. right?

Hi yes, there is a way... just stop buying it ;-) 

Unfortunately is impossible to make a lobster out of a shrimp... as Lynn said stick to the real deal.

There is no real fundamental reason why a dark compound coating should not have a strong chocolate flavor. 

Coating is usually used for a technical reason (the higher melt point) or because of price considerations (it's cheaper) or both.

From one of your other questions I am going to infer that the higher melt point of compound is a main reason you're using it.

If you're using a dark coating then the simple answer is to buy a better coating. There are some that are very difficult to tell apart from bulk chocolates.

If you're using white or colored compound the answer is to add very small amounts of a very good chocolate essential oil flavoring. If you do that it's very important to make sure the coating is at a high enough temperature (100F at least) and do a very good job of incorporating the flavoring oil. If you don't it can leave streaks and deliver uneven flavor.

You can also use the chocolate flavoring oil in the dark compound if you are having trouble locating a better tasting dark compound.

However, Lynn and Antonino are essentially correct: the chocolate flavor will probably not be as "good" as if you used real chocolate because the oil is likely to be one-noted. However, the chocolate flavor will be more intense. 

Not all of us live in places or cater to markets that can afford to use expensive or real chocolate. While there is no way to turn a shrimp into lobster, we can work as hard as we can to make the shrimp the best it can possibly be.

Thank you so very much for helping me ... I was down hearted by the first two answers---because I "have a dream" one not from my flesh, but a real dream!  I have to start with what I can afford..I will not let the dream die!  Your answer gives me hope...I am very gateful that you took the time to explain in detail. Now I can go from your advise.  I have Barry Callebaut and am working with it but I do not have the materials to melt it correctly. 

Thank You for the encouragement.


HI Clay,
I liked a lot your answer, i mentioned the lobster just for a bit of humor, no mean in my words to offend anyone's work!
I'm working on developing a kinda of compound with a north european company.
Our business is in South Africa and here not every one can afford real chocolate. Our goal is to create a compound chocolate that is higher quality/less sugar (organic as much is possible) and still affordable to most people.
So as you can see, i'm also trying to get the best out of a shrimp!

When you perfect it, may I be the first to taste..?  I am getting my coating from Italy but have tried several about 15 am still not happy. 

I know the real thing is the way to go, and the darker the better for me.

Thank You for you information.

What is "your dream"? Starting a candy business? opening a chocolate shop?
I am sorry I disappointed you.... I Did not intend to dash your passion BUT let's continue the discussion. What compound coating are you using and how much LESS is it per pound than REAL chocolate? Is it really worth a compromised quality to save a few dollars? You also mentioned working with chocolate and needing more equipment.... Not so Darlene. You can produce a boat load of amazing product with the Tools in your kitchen!!! HONEST
If you are starting a business you can adopt 2 of the following 3 principles: price, quality service BUT you can't provide all three and stay in business.... If price and service are your concerns then of course.
Quality will be less than gourmet... IF you desire quality and service you have to step up to real chocolate
and learn how to work with it (it's not that difficult) really :) YOU CAN DO IT We know you can

HI Darlene, 

the compound i'm working about, is supposed to be (on paper) as good as cocoa butter chocolate. do i believe is that good? not really. Is my intention to expose underprivileged to a better/healthier chocolate (less sugar, organic milk powder etc) YES.

I will keep posted on it. i have a huge challenge in front of me, but don't we all have one?


Take a look at the company Grand-Place. In another forum one of their people mentioned that they had developed a compound that is very difficult to tell from regular chocolate. As the company also operates out of Vietnam (they are headquartered in Belgium) cost and temperature concerns are important to them.

The melt down and flavor release properties of cocoa butter are unique.  Changing to other fats in compound coatings change  the melting profile, and how it will taste.  There are tempering coatings that are an improvement, cost more than those not needing temper, but cheaper than cocoa butter.
Don't buy American compound coating, buy product made in Europe. That is a generalization but mostly a rule now. Qzina sells a huge variety of coatings, made in Italy, France, Singapore, Belgium, etc. We have trans fat free, fractionated, non hydrogenated, high cocoa, low cocoa, all kinds. But none are as good as the real thing. Melting point is not the reason people use compound, as depending on the fat used, the melting point could be higher or lower than pure chocolate. Mostly it is easy of processing, but don't be fooled, some compounds require very precise working conditions. I suggest you learn to work with both real chocolate and find good compounds. Even the best chefs have applications for both. Whatever you do stay away from any product that has "partially" hydrogenated oil, this is the deadly trans fat heavy coating. Anyway, Qzina has some great options if interested call Qzina nearest you.


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