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Hi! I'm looking at using some metallic powders (PCB brand) on my moulded chocolates. I know you can brush on after unmoulding the chocolate but there is also the option of mixing the powder with alcohol to spray or apply to the mould before filling with chocolate. What alcohol do you use to mix with the powder? Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you in advance =)

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I have not heard about using alcohol, everyone I know who does this uses cocoa butter.

Hi Clay

That was my thought too but the manufacturer does not recommend mixing cocoa butter with this particular product. I just had another look at their online catalogue and it definitely says "by diluting with alcohol and apply it with a brush".

If you copy and paste the above link in to your browser it will take you to the page I am referring to.

Thanks for replying =)

I understand it is Vodka


Thank you Faranak. Have you tried this?

not yet, it was demonstrated in the class I went to. 

If airbrushing the proportion of vodka is more and if using paint brush higher proportion of colour to vodka . We had used PCB Gold shimmer

I really appreciate you giving me that information! Thanks again. What class did you go to? Do you have any pictures of the work you did (if it was a hands on class)?


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