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I have about 700 brand new velvet flocked boxes with trays and pads. I'd like to sell them in one shot, but would consider selling them by the case. There are two sizes, 11 count, of which I have about 300, and 24 count, which I have about 400. All are in sealed cases. If you take them all you can have them for $500,  plus shipping. that's less then $1 each.  Here's a link to this years model for over $5 each. The only difference is the gold strip:

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Ok, great.  Correct me if i'm wrong. Seems like 20 large per case and 30 small per case.

Could you email me a status of what you have left, including trays and pads for each?

I would like a lot price for all. Ship to Chicago, and no hurry, even USPS(need them 2/2015).

Thank you


I have left what I last posted. Do you want them all, or just some? And yes, 20 large to a case, and 30 small.

Okay great 700 with various pads and trays, $500?

If so i am interested. Please call 708.2-3.9337 or email me in the am @ and we can discuss ship and payment details.  

Thank you,


It would appear that USPS has redesigned there website and I can no longer print basic postage from their site. This means I now need to physically bring the boxes to the post office rather then having them picked up. It also looks like they've raised their rates a little. I'm now being quoted $20.43 for a case of 30 small hearts and $22.76 for a large case of 20 hearts.


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