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I´ve been using Callebaut 811 Natural vanilla for molding chocolate boxes and molded paralines.

I´ve been looking at Valrhona Equatoriale 55% as a substitute, does any one have some working experiance with this chocolate?

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I love it -- it's my favorite couverture at the moment. It produces a great shine and a thin shell. The flavors complement a wide variety of ganaches.
Go for it Hilmer, you can not compair these chocolates. Valrhona is much better for taste and shining;-)
Thanks for the advice, I will go with Valhrona, it´s taste is great, I´ve also been playing around with Valhrona 72% it´s awesome. I´m looking at a busy christmas time, starting November 4th. I´ve been invited to have a booth at some lady´s night at home/garden shop here in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík.
If you should change your couverture and go for Valrhona, why don't you go for the Satilia Puur 62%, this one is even better than the Equatoriale 55%.


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