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I have no idea if I am doing this right cuz I have never posted here before.
I recently started my own baking company in Florida and need to find 10 lb bars of  Van Leer chocolate, which is actually a Callebaut  product. 
I can't seem to find them anywhere but I know a company back in Michigan where I used to live uses them.
Can anyone direct me to  a wholesale place online or in FL where I could get them.
Thanks  so much

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Your best bet, given your location and the quantities i'm guessing you'd be looking at, would be to contact the folks at Qzina. There's a Florida office. will give you all the contact info you need.
Swiss Connection in Orlando carries Callebaut, Barry Callebaut, Cacao Barry, Van Leer, Noel, and also Valrhona. You can check them out at or call them at 800.LE SWISS to get pricing. Hope this helps.


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