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Hello chocophiles! 

I've been lurking for a year or so, I'm so excited to finally say hello. I have a tiny little chocolate shop in New Paltz, about 80 miles from NYC. Everything we do is organic, fair-trade, and vegan. We primarily use TCHO couverture, their organic and f/t lines.

We use all dark chocolate, obviously, because I can't find a decent vegan milk chocolate or white chocolate. I know there was a thread about this a while ago with people looking for readymade dairy-free vegan chocolate, but I have tried every single one on the market and they are such low-quality and don't have a good mouthfeel. There are some rice milk milk and white chocolates on the market, but they are truly vile. I'm looking for some artisan quality, delicious white and/or milk chocolate. I feel like coconut milk powder would work instead of the milk powder typically used in white chocolate, but not being a chocolate-maker, I really have no idea. Whenever possible we use coconut milk as our primary milk because it's tastier and fattier than soy milk or any of the other vegan milks out there, so I feel like it would make a good white or milk chocolate... ? Who knows! I know that Will Powder sells a powdered coconut milk that might be a starting point. (
I'm been lobbying TCHO for years to get into the vegan white chocolate market, but while they are lovely people and I adore them, surprisingly, they are not reorganizing their entire company to suit the needs of their smallest wholesale customer! Shocking. So I'm looking for a chocolate-maker (being, as I am, a mere chocolatier without interest in the bean-to-bar world) to custom make us (and the world—I'm telling you, this could be a great market!) some super high quality milk and white chocolate couverture. 
If you have any leads, I'd love to know them. My email is, or you can just post here. 
Thanks a million. 

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Interested to know why anyone thinks milk or milk substitutes has more to do with 'chocolate' than say lucuma or cashews?! *Chocolate is CACAO! *
Dark chocolate doesn't contain milk- so why should white chocolate? You can get raw cacao butter from a few farms, including Big tree farm in Bali (though I buy from a whole saler in UK who imports from Peru)

Sorry, my mistake, but then the lucama or cashews are used instead of the milk? I see your point then, but then it is not a milk chocolate but a Lucama chocolate.  That is going to taste very different, isn't it? Where can I buy your chocolate, I would really like to try that.

Sorry. I wasn't clear. I was referring to a white chocolate, not a milk chocolate.
So for WHITE CHOCOLATE; instead of milk I use the lucuma- WITH cacao butter.
For a 'milk' chocolate I'd use less cacao solids and would add coconut cream.
My Choc is only available in UK but would happy post some to USA! <3

Have you got a website/shop.  I am only across the water in the Netherlands...

Fascinating discussion! I like the idea of lucuma white chocolate...

Yesterday I tried to make the vegan white chocolate using a recipe I found on the internet and which called for coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut sugar.  I first of all melted the cocobutter and then added the oil to it and mixed them thoroughly together.  I then added the coconut sugar and that's when it all went down the drain!  The coconut sugar would not melt into the mixture, and an hour or so later it still hadn't melded.  It just lay there in the bottom of the bowl, and six hours later it still had not changed.  I then tried the recipe again using icing sugar this time and I had no problem at all, it came out in a hard block.  The problem came when I thought I would use it as a ganache and added some liqueur to some of it, mixed it all together very well, and then put it into the fridge to set.  I took it out this morning and tried to scoop some to make a truffle but I found that the mixture had separated, the liqueur was underneath a hard layer of the 'white chocolate' mixture.  If I add gelatin to the mixture do you think that would help keep it all together?  I also tasted the stuff and it retained no  taste at all of anything.

Hello Eileen!

We make a version of what you're making that we use for fillings and things. You can't really use it as a "ganache" without adding so much cocoa butter that it tastes terrible, or so much sugar that it's way too sweet, but it works as a thin piped filling. Instead of coconut sugar we use a vegan powdered sugar and whip it all up in the food processor with lots of vanilla. It's nice. I definitely wouldn't use gelatin to the mixture, because that would make it not vegan, but you could experiment with agar-agar, which is a vegan gelatin derived from sea vegetables. 

Thank you, Lagusta, for your response.  It's certainly not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  The recipe given on the internet was said, on the same website, to be easy and delicious.  I suppose that coconut sugar didn't melt because each granule was surrounded with oil and fat although that didn't affect the regular sugar.  I wonder why the person compiling the recipe didn't get the same result.  And thanks for reminding me about the gelatin, I'd forgotten that.  Maybe if I continue with this experiment I will try the agar-agar but right now I am disillusioned.  From what I have read on this website it will be a very hard slog to get a good vegan white chocolate.   Thanks again.


Hi. Contact


Thanks, I will.

Me again.  I tried that email address and was told it was incorrect so it didn't go through.  What did I leave out?  By the way, thanks for your help.


Hi:  I did a search on that company on the internet and you were right about contacting them.  But the computer wanted me to open an Outlook account for emails and when I wouldn't the notice appeared saying the address was incorrect!  Anyway, regardless, I got around it and sent the email off.

Thanks again for your help.

eileen smith


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