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Hi all,

I plan to travel to Europe next year around June/July, and was wondering if anyone knows of any chocolate-related tours I could go on, or places that I could attend.

Trish :)

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It probably depends where in Europe you are going ? A great resource to check out is -he has a tours link, and you can search chocolate on his site for a variety of information and places . I recently went to London and checked his site for any tips and info (Melt and Borough Market ) they ended up being the best spots to check out . If you will be in Paris his book "Sweet Life in Paris " is a must read for the flight over.
Keep us all posted on what you discover or plan to check out!
Thanks for that, I'd seen the book before but haven't read it yet, I'll be sure to do that. We're looking mostly at Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Rome.


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