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Visiting London and Paris this week - which chocolate shops are must see?

Hi, I'll be visiting London and Paris for several days starting Thurs ... which 2-3 chocolate shops are must sees in each city (only a quick day trip to Paris...not much time, plus will have my young son with me)?

Thanks, in advance, for your recommendations!

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Haven't done any chocolate tourism in London, but in Paris I can recommend:

Jacques Genin (if you only go to one shop, this would be it... kind of out of the way in the 3rd Arr but well worth the trip)
Patrick Roger
Jean Paul Hevin
Pierre Herme (for the most scrumptious macaroons ever)

Also worth visiting, although not artisanal are Pierre Marcolini, Maison du Chocolat and Michel Cluizel.


Here's my blog on my most recent trip to Paris. To Cheeb's list I would second Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger though I have to recommend A l'Etoile d'Or (address in the blog) as THE place to go if you can only make one stop - the store carries the best of the best of all France.

As far as London goes - I will be making my first chocolate-specific trip there in October and I am looking forward to what you have to say as I have no personal experience. Places that have received very high marks (and are on my personal short list) include:

William Curley
Rococo (Chantal Coady)
Paul Young
Paul Wayne Gregory
L’artisan du Chocolat
Sir Hans Sloane
Agreed on A l'Etoile d'Or... they are a "one-stop shop" of France's finest. I was just thinking more along the one brand shops and spaced that one completely!
Clay and Cheebs - Thank you for the great suggestions! I was really looking forward to visiting the Jacques Genin boutique, but, alas, they are closed on Mondays (the day I'll be in Paris). Looking forward to checking out l'Etoile d'Or (we only have 5 hrs in Paris for this trip). For London, Rococo and L'artisan du Chocolat are already on my list. Will look into some of the others.

Again, thanks for the great suggestions!

August is tough. Lots of stores are closed on Mondays.
L'Artisan's main shop is out of the way, but the Selfridge's in Mayfair (near Paddington Station) has opened up an entire chocolate section, with a L'Artisan boutique and a Melt boutique. Paul A. Young is fantastic! There are two shops, but I prefer the shop in Islington (Angel tube). Message me privately, if you'd like my list of London must-see/do/eat places. I was there in November and did a whirlwind tour of as many chocolate/food places as I could hit.
I agree on Selfridges too. I just spent the weekend over there and found a whole pile of Amedei on which I was happily burning my cash :) You miss the atmosphere of a real chocolate passion though in such a neutral mall.
Fantastic trip to London and Paris, but a tad disappointing on the chocolate side. As expected, many stores closed for holiday (biggest disappointment was not getting to visit l'Etoile d'Or). The Artisan store in Sloane Square was worth the trek (walked there from Knightsbridge). My son had a field day picking out truffels and sampling the caramels. There was a constant flow of customers and the staff were very welcoming and helpful. By contrast, the Chocolat Chocolat store at The Brunswick in Russell Square was a major disappointment. The staff was not friendly, not knowledgeable and clearly upset that I brought my son into their store (they are next to a Baby Gap...don't they expect children...especially welcome children who WANT chocolate?). Of interest in that store was a Vanatu single-origin chocolate disk package. Didn't make it to Selfridges because my son fell asleep while busing there...couldn't rouse him and get him off the bus in time. Alas, next visit.

Thanks all for the great recommendations. I usually head over to London every 6 months or so. Now I know where to look and load up on yummies.

I know it's too late now, but next time absolutely melt in Notting Hill, they're the next big thing in London. I was referred to them by the CEO of Barclays.


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