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I began making fondant for a cream center that has sold MUCH better than I thought it would.  Now I need to make it on a bit bigger scale.  It is a basic sugar, corn syrup, water recipe with invertase and flavor added after cooling and agitation.  Here is my dilemma.  I currently reheat the fondant in the microwave enough to put it in a batter dispenser to get it into the molds.  But as soon as it cools even a little, it sets up in the batter dispenser.  The process of reheating over and over does not lend itself to the amount of production I need to do.

Does anyone have ideas for either thinning it temporarily (will still need to set up in the molds enough to remove and enrobe) or dispensing it some other way?  Could I pour it into a frame and cut on a guitar cutter?  I have to figure something out fast because making these is killing me!

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What temperatures are we talking about? What are you heating it to and when does it set?

I heat it to between 160 and 180F.  It is liquid enough at 160 but by the time I dispense 1/2 of it from the batter dispenser, the flow slows and I cannot empty the whole thing.  There ends up being about 1/4" thick of fudge-like fondant lining the dispenser which I have to scrape out and reheat.


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