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I recently finished a batch of white chocolate which I finished and hand tempered, then molded in combination with cocoa nibs and a couple other flavors. Some of the bars came out warped lengthways. These are small 40g bars. Any thoughts on why this occurred and how to avoid it?

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Not a whole lot of info to go on, but assuming you're using real chocolate and not adding any funky fats/oil, i'd suspect whatever cooling setup you used was too cold, resulting in the ends cooling quickly and before the middle did.  when things cool, they contract, thus if your ends begin contracting before your middle - you get curvature.  simply a guess.

I had the same thought as Sebastian about the cooling causing the curvature. In addition, I was thinking your inclusions might have something to do with it as well. Are you using a lot of nibs or other inclusions? Maybe try cutting back on the amount just a bit to see if that helps. The inclusions might be affecting how the chocolate acts as it contracts causing it to curve.


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