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Washing Spectra melanger parts in dishwasher under 140F OK per Santha….

Hi, I may be re-inventing the wheel, but I wrote to Santha to ask what was the concern with washing the removable parts of the Spectra in a dishwasher. Here is the conversation email train (note it is in reverse order, last email at top of page)

Dear Mack,
Yes, if it is only washing and below 140, it should be safe.

Warm regards

Subject: Re: Question about temperature and dishwashers...

Thank you Kumar for this very useful information which will make it easier to clean the melanger.
And also thank you for your quick answer.
Based on this information I do have one more question, which is if my dishwasher temperature is kept below 140 degrees, would I then be "probably" safe putting the removable parts in the dishwasher and just washing them there, not drying them there?
Thank you again Kumar!

On Jul 22, 2014, at 11:01 PM, Spectra SanthaUSA a rel="nofollow" shape="rect" target="_blank" href="">> wrote:

Dear Mr. Mack Rasnom,
Thank you for purchasing the Spectra 11. 
Regarding your query, our primary concern is the epoxy adhesive in the Stainless steel drum portion. We do not recommend 
it because some dishwashers driers go ahove 140.  The roller stones assembly does not have this issue.
The detergents are not an issue either.
Warm regards
SanthaUSA / Spectra

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