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Sorry, me again. I was wondering if there is a industry standard on wastage as far as the chocolate goes. I mean the whole tempering and dipping. How much chocolate is wasted that you cannot use again. I mean sticking to bowls and utensils and such.

Of course I need it to make my sums with the real chocolate that is more expensive than the coating I have been using. This is making the product a lot more expensive and I have to bring it to the attention of the client wanting it.

I will, of course, not say it as bluntly, the price will simply have to go up1



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If you are talking about wastage from melting chocolate, tempering it and then making confections - there should be barely any (any chocolate you throw away is profits being thrown away). Scrape all the bowls/utensils clean and then hit them with a heat gun to melt/scrape off the last bits. Add the chocolate scraps back into the melting tank for the next day. If you find a little dark/white/milk has mixed together, it can go back into a melting tank with milk chocolate or be used in centres for your next batch.
Thanks Gap, I will simply have to learn how to be less messy and better organized with my utensils. I have to be honest, I did not even think about melting it off of the utensils back into the other chocolate.


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