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Greetings to all at chocolate life, 


I am looking for a wet grinder for small scale chocolate conching but am having difficulty in the U.K. I know that the Santha table top grinder is very popular in the U.S and although it originates from India they do not have an office in the U.K and their website is rubbish (they have not corresponded to my email). I am also aware that inno concepts make high quality wet grinders and ship to the U.K but am concerned about warranty if I use an overseas company and do not know anyone that has used the 220 V ultra perfect + which I think woiuld be the right size for me.


What I am looking for chocolate lovers is advice, recommendations and locations on where to source a small scale reliable wet grinder in the U.K. 



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Hi Joseph,

I want to clarify a few things.

Perfect+ is made for grinding grains and lentils where each batch of grinding is under 30 minutes. For grinding cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor, it takes more than 24 hours and sometimes even 48 hours depending on the process and the material used. We give only 90 day warranty for Perfect+ for chocolate grinding. also the price is $399.99 (F.O.B. Atlanta).

We developed ECGC-12 SS mini Grindeur because our customers wanted machines without the belts. also this unit is completely made of Stainless steel for hygiene and durability.

Regarding the pregrinder other pregrinders in the market have too many parts and the cleaning is harder. In CocoaT mini Pregrinder,  it takes less than 30 seconds to grind  one cup of cocoa nibs. Cleaning is very easy. Price is just $149.99 within Continental USA for 110V machine. In addition to cocoa nibs, it can also chop the nuts, grind the nuts into nut butters, grind coconut into coconut paste and more.

I have put a small video on youtube - -  demonstrating the cocoa nibs grinding.

hi guys!!! as a part of our chocolate life in my openion i think that better to use the Robot coup machine, this is more convenient for making chocolate ganache or pralines also it can make grinded nuts.


A device like the Robot Coupe might make a good pre-grinder but it's not going to work for the extended periods of time necessary for flavor development and particle size reduction in making chocolate.

I agree with you about making pralinés and grinding nuts and they are also good for ganaches as long as you're careful to make sure that the ganache covers the blades.

Robot Coupes may be expensive but they are versatile multi-taskers and well worth every penny. 

:: Clay


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