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I am starting to learn the art of making chocolate.
I have a basic question - do chocolatiers worldwide make their chocolates from cocoa butter + cocoa mass + vanilla, or they use premade chocolate like Valrhona, Callebaut, etc?


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Hi there,

There are chocolate makers and chocolate "fondeurs" Chocolate makers produce their own chocolate can either be from bean to bar or by mixing raw ingredients (cocoa mass,butter,sugar etc..) while "fondeurs" buy the chocolate from the list you mentioned, melt it and work their magic.

Thanks Omar,

I am still not sure what should I use. What most of the people who make pralines and chocolate bars use? What is considered "better"?

I would taste and decide based on that.they all have a wide range of products.It all depends on your customers, what they like and how much they are willing to pay. We cannot really generalize and say callebaut is better than Belcolade for example, the dark chocolate might be better at Belcolade where milk might be better at Callebaut. It is also important to make sure the brand you choose is available in your area.Check with suppliers and compare prices. Good luck!

Thanks Omar, 

My question was about making chocolate from premade chocolate vs creating from raw materials, sorry I wasn't clear.

What do most of the chocolatiers use? What is considered "better"? Making chocolate from raw materials like cocoa liquor + butter + sugar... etc, or using premade chocolate like Valrhona, Callebaut, etc? I am not sure what should I choose as a beginner chocolatier.

As a beginner you would want to start using premade chocolate.Simply because your chocolate consumption in the beginning (assuming you will be opening a chocolate shop) will not be as high. 

To make chocolate with raw materials you will need a machine to cook your recipe, which involves high cost in buying, maintaining the machine, energy bill etc...


Thanks Omar!


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