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What are YOU Making Special for Mother's Day - And Special Offers for ChocolateLife members

Are you making something special for Mother's Day? Let us know and post pictures if you have them.

Want to get more business from ChocolateLife members this Mother's Day? If you have some sort of special offer or coupon promo code - post it, too.

:: Clay

PS. Please JPG the photos to less than 100k in size and a maximum dimension (width or height) of 640 pixels. Type in the name for the photo, highlight it, and then click on the camera icon to upload to insert the image into your post rather than attaching the file.

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Not to belabor the point that my krewe and I might have issues....

"Mommy Dearest Caramels"

Hand formed caramels in the shape of coat hangers....joan crawford would have us for lunch if she were still alive....
We're working with tasting tours, where a single concept (a culture, flavor, ingredient, color, etc) is presented in 5-15 ways... for mothers day we'll be doing damascus rose presented in eight ways.


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