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My hubby and I have been making dairy, gluten and soy free 'milk" chocolate.  We've just started trying out a melanger and can't figure out what is causing the swirls in the pictures.  Here is how we made these bars:

Melted the chocolate and put it in a Santha 11
Ground it in the Santha for 5 hours
Put it into the ACMC to reach 110, let it be at 110 for 20 minutes.
Dropped it to 83, then let it be at 83 for 20 minutes.
Pulled it back up to 87 and put it in the molds.  
There were 7 out of 17 bars that didn't change at all, the other 10 have these swirls that we thought were a sign the chocolate isn't tempering.  Now I'm not so sure.  We have always had great tempering using the 83/87 temperature for our mixture, I'm not sure what's different in the melanger.  The other batches where we added balsamic vinegars turned out fabulous as well, they didn't change color or texture at all.
Has anyone come across this and worked it out before?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks all!

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Did you pour as soon as it got to 87degrees ? Ive had issues with pouring right away, not allowing enough time for the correct crystal formations to proliferate. There can be pockets of perfectly tempered chocolate and not-so-well tempered in the same batch. Agitation is key :)

Hope this helps

Thanks Louwegi!  :) How long have you found it optimal to let it sit at 87?  It is getting agitated the whole time.  

It really all depends. Once our dark chocolate comes to temperature(88.7f in our case) we wait 10 minutes, and then test by dipping a piece of parchment paper in the chocolate. If there are any issues with setting up (streaks, etc) we wait a little while longer and test again. Usually the chocolate is well tempered right off the bat.  We use a fully automatic Savage Brothers machine,fyi

Thank you very much! :)


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