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Hi Everyone!

In January I will be opening my third location, after which I will need to plan for and build a commissary to make chocolate for all of my future stores. 


For the first few years, the commissary will far over produce what my stores can consume, so I am exploring the option of selling some of the chocolate and chocolate related products (70% dark, nibs liquor, etc)  on a wholesale basis to various local restaurants.


The question I have, is for all of you who buy bulk chocolate for your business, what would you typically pay per kg for

  1. a premium quality couverture
  2. milk chocolate
  3. nibs
  4. liquor


I'm not asking for trade secrets here - just prices you are typically quoted by your suppliers.


Thanks in advance


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Jeffrey -Would you mind posting the name of your distributor? I just paid $6.00/lb for the same product.

Hi Brad,

here in South Africa (don't know how much will help you) we sell chocolate at ca $13/kg (71% dark) and ca $10/kg for a milk 38%. setting us in a medium high price range.

We are a small bean to bar organic chocolate factory (1T/month) that sell as well to restaurants and hotels.

we are  competing against

A)the big guys (callebaut,vahlrona,lindt,belcolade, ect)

 B) against lower level of chocolate (chocolate is chocolate...we hear that a lot here!!) 

C)No one else sells  organic chocolate, so it is hard to compare "apple with apple" fairly.

I am telling you that simply because if you produce an excellent chocolate and you approach directly Pastry Chefs you will be able to enter the market without problems.

Being a Pastry Chef my self, we have managed to "speak the same language" of the Pastry Chefs of some of the major 5 star hotel in Cape Town.

We offer them chocolate and chocolate solutions,ideas and customer care  that makes the difference between us and a just a sale rep of a big guy.

Taste and consistency of course is what will make you competitive but on this, i believe some of us has a lot to learn from you!

All the best with the new shop! 

PS: i sent you some chocolate few months ago via a client of us coming back to Canada, have you ever received it? (Cocoafair)




Does anyone use Blommer's chocolates?

We have used it for family tradition and still like the creaminess of their lexington chocolate.

Direct from Blommer (2000 lb order) I was quoted $1.90/lb - you could tack on a quarter/lb for shipping.

Until we can get to that point, we get it through a local store and have worked out a price of approximately $2.90/lb.


I haven't seen anyone's comments on Blommer and would be interested in your thoughts.


I have never heard of them but they look to be a large company.  After looking at their site, their product list only dark chocolate on some of their products without giving the percentage of cacao solids.  These prices indicate they are purchasing bulk cacao.  When cacao is fine flavored, the farmer and cooperative/exporter should be getting close to $1.50 to 1.75 a pound for export purposes and sometimes, a little higher. 

Blommer's the largest US grinder of cocoa. They are a bulk industrial producer of chocolate, and they do as well as any of the other bulk chocolate producers.  They'll have a range of stock products to select from.

I purchase several thousand pounds of chocolate a year, located in central Canada, we find that our premium bar selection has increased sales over the past several years. People seem to be willing to pay more for a premium bar. Our minimum purchase of chocolate for production is a 100 kg. of a type. Lowest price 6.00 per pound shipping in and highest price 11.00 per pound shipping in. Mostly felchlin product. We are also considering qzina product high end at 26.00 bucks a kg.

Max Felchlin sells in pounds????????????

I'd love to get his stuff in, here in Vancouver, but no one wants to bring it in, and I can't find the head office to ask what minimum quantities they want for Vancouver.

Before you consider  Qzina, consider Lindt.  They have an office in Toronto and will ship in quantities of 100 kgs. 

Swiss Chalet here in the US sells Felchlin wholesale.

I pay $85 for a 22lb of callebaut 811 callets.

I get Callebaut for $3.79/lb here in Alaska from a local wholesaler. I was quoted $12/lb for Vahlrona before shipping, which cost more than the product to Alaska so I stopped there.

Hi Brad,

For premium chocolate I've paid from US $7 to $14 per Lb, wholesale. I have bought from the chocolate makers direct and from distributers. The average has been around $8/$11 but for 100% I've paid up to $14. The prices have gone down somewhat but not much. I buy Felchlin, Grenada, Valrhona, El-Rey, Askinosie, Amano and Waialua Estates. Hope this helps. -Mark


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