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Anyone know what happened to De Vries chocolate? The website is down and I tried to email Steve, but no answer. I hope everything is okay.

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Steve DeVries appeared at a chocolate event in Dallas (along with Alan McClure of Patric) in late August, at which point his online portal was already indicating that no chocolate was available for retail sale. He appeared to still be in the business, despite the unavailability of retail product. He is also scheduled to do a presentation on chocolate next month in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with National Geographic.

I'm reluctant to assume anything from the recent unavailability.
Just updating this to note that DeVries did appear at the DC event last month.
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately no chocolate is for sale on his website.
I was told by a fellow chocolatier that Steve's mom has been having health issues, so he has suspended operations until further notice. Sadly, IIRC the illness is terminal.
I saw Steve in July last year up in Denver. Yes, his mother is ill. Steve also contracted a bug while down in Bolivia which he has been fighting since that trip in early '09, I think... maybe earlier then that. I do not know whether that has changed or if he is still fighting that. I am sorry to hear that his mother is so ill. Sorry Steve. Hope you are better though. -Mark


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