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I am contemplating the purchase of a small enrober. I need to pan freeze-dried fruits (especially strawberries and I'd like to try raspberries too) but the panning process breaks the fruit up and is almost impossible to achieve. So I thought that enrobing first and then panning could be the way to go.

To date I have mostly panned coffee beans (I am totally self-taught) and as such have not needed to temper the chocolate. But with strawberries I do need to temper the chocolate then enrobe and then finally pan.

I have read Sam's forum with great interest and the excellent advice given by the Selmi rep and others too.

I need a compact unit and the best overall price I can get as my budget is low (although elastic). Both the Selmi and FBM units look good to me on paper but I have NO experience with either - in fact I have never even seen one!

I am based in Australia but that said, I bought my pan out of China and I guess that sourcing from anywhere at all is not real problem. Ongoing service IS important of course.

Any thoughts from anyone please?

Thanks! :-)


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Antonio, this I find REALLY interesting! Which FBM have you ordreed? And am I right in reading that you bought it as, as a result of your prior experiences, you deemed it to be straight-forward, fast to set up and easy to use?

Your tale of the 2000 truffles is a little of what I am a little concerned about. That I may not be able to do quantity.

I'd really like to hear how you go once it arrives and you use it please.

Thanks for that!


Hi Colin,

i ordered a Unica 25kg and a Compatta 12kg.

i used to work in a shop many many years ago and we used to coat 100's of truffles in one go.

i just run them trough the enrobing belt and once on the other side, just "touch" them to give the "spiky hand rolled look.

Me and an assistant, we used to make few thousands of it in this way.

In my calculation, we could do about 5000 or more pieces a day depending on what and how we decide to do it.

Will keep posted!


Thanks Antonino. I would REALLY appreciate that!

Do you know when you will receive the systems?

Colin :-)


my enrober Unica is finally arriving on monday, soon pics and review!!!

How exciting Antonino! I will be VERY interested in your thoughts!

Colin :-)

Antonino! I am bursting to know how you went with your Unica Enrober! Do tell!  Colin :-)

Machine just arrived, waiting for engineer to get my 3phase electricity up and running.

The Compatta is already in and it is a bomb!

So cool to hear Antonino! I too am considering three phase. I'm planning to use a three phase converter which plugs into single phase.

I'll be watching out for your post. Good luck with it all!

Colin :-)


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