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I make a lot of fleur de sel caramels and I am thinking of investing in specific equipment just for caramel production. Does any one have any reccomendations? Are induction burners completely out of the question? Thanks!

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Daniel -

What kinds of production quantity are you talking about? Induction burners can be made to work (you should overbuy wattage), but if you're making a LOT you might want to look into something like aSavage Bros FireMixer 14 or 92.

Thanks for making me aware of such equipment. I probably would want to make a batch of caramel that could fit at least a six foot cooling table (more equipment I don't know much about). I'd be curious to hear what other members use...


You're probably not going to be able to make batches of caramel that size on an induction burner efficiently and cost-effectively. Best to invest in a machine specifically designed to make caramel in those quantities. Consider electric models because, depending on where you are (and you have to check w/ local authorities) you may not need special venting and fire suppression. Gas units may require a hood at least.

Savage Bros also make water-jacketed cooling tables.

What would you classify as "overbuying wattage"?

Kim: Many induction burners have cut-off switches that turn the burner off when a certain temperature is reached for a certain time. When you have to get huge masses of sugar hot for a long time, it's common for the burners to turn themselves off to keep them from overheating.

If I was going to be making a lot of caramel, I would purchase the highest wattage (2000 minimum) 220V professional unit I could.

Thanks for the info.

We were looking at one that is 1800 watt and not 220V, but would only plan on doing a few small batches a week.

We use the 1800w (120v) for small batches about three to five times a week.  For larger batches I just purchased a 3000w 220v model that does the job very well.  However, this still is only capable of making medium-sized batches (2-3 kilos) efficiently.  A used Firemixer would probably be a very good investment if you want to cook 25-kilo batches.


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