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I'm heading to Manhattan for a week in March.  Any chocolate shops that are absolutely not to be missed?  Thanks!

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2 Beans-100 Park Ave-41 Street

The Meadow-523 Hudson Street

Bedford Cheese shop-18/19 Street-Irving Street

LA Burdick-5 East 20th Street

Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory-Williamsburg

Fair Way and Whole Foods has some good selections of bars

There are also confection/bonbon shops which you can google

FIKA 450 Washington Street

Roni Sue's on Forsyth new shop

What about Food Emporium?

405 East 59th Street
New York, NY  10022 
Phone 212.752.5836

Location: 59th and 1st

How is there chocolate selection these days?

Could be better but they don't always listen to me so have to work with what I got.

59 th street Food Emporium has a great selection as does 2 Beans. NYC is loaded with great chocolate shops representing numerous styles and countries, but most of what they carry can be ordered on line, for chocolate experiences that you can not order on line, stop by;

FIKA on Washington street, but only if you get to see them make chocolate

CACAO PRIETO in Red Hook, make sure that you ask them for a tour. Their equipment and factory are super cool, as is the distillery.

The smell in Mast Brothers alone is enough to warrant recommending a visit. Not being a huge fan of Bean 2 Barianism myself and caring little for the home ground delicacies, I must admit that the smell of roasting cocoa beans is incredible, addictive and works really well with the vibe of the place.

Sugar and Plumm has a very cute shop on the Upper West side, and their creme brulee cookie ( although devoid of chocolate) is to die for.

Eataly NYC has a great Italian selection and some of the cutest local chocolate bunnies in the city as well as adorable chocolate surprise eggs.

After FIKA, you can walk to Kee's and four others in the general vicinity. 


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