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I believe it's a good thing to visualize your dream happening. Imagine your chocolate business is booming and you need to buy the very best machinery to keep up.  What would you get? A Selmi, LCM, Nova Choc, Savy Goiseau, Sollich, etc...? At the moment, I currently have a Perfect Equipment Enrober and I think it is an excellent entry level enrober.  Of course, I would not mind upgrading when the time is right and the money is there. I would be very interested to hearing others' thoughts.

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Daniel, do you have the Polycarbonate Cover for your Perfect.  We are organizing a group buy and one of the options is the cover.  It comes as a heated cover for a little extra $.  I am definitely getting the cover as I've heard it makes a big difference in keeping the viscosity consistent.  But I'm wondering if a heated cover would be that much more beneficial.  I see that the heated cover is included as a basic item on the Perfect large machines.  Any thoughts?

Hi Lana,

Congratulations on getting close to a big purchase. I do indeed have a polycarbonate cover on my compact coater. I bought my machine used -- I believe my machine was built in 1999. It did not come with a the heating element that is now offered on the cover. If I were to buy a new machine, I would definitely go for that extra option. This kind of heating element is found on some of the much more expensive Savy Goiseau and LCM machines. I imagine It will help keep your belt free of any chocolate build up.

Event though I have the cover, I often enrobe with the cover open. I like to enrobe in a warm room, around 70 degrees. There are winter days when I need the cover -- For example, when someone opens the door on a very cold day, the room temperature really drops. Having a good cover is like having 4 wheel drive on my car. I don't use it often, but when I need it I am glad that I have it. Getting a heated cover can only help you more.  Good luck with your decision!

Daniel, you're awesome!  Thank you so much.  I am also considering the following options:  Vibrating table (we are inquiring about having them install a scraper as per the Selmi - they think they can do it)

Heated Cabinet - would you know if this would replace the 'base' of the Enro 2?  I have inquired about this with Perfect but have not yet heard back. 

Bottom coater

If you are interested in any options, let me know - I have no doubt that you will also get the discount offered.

Hi Lana, I also have the Perfect and have the cover. I usually don't run with the cover down. I like to see what is going on and it seems like one piece is aways flipping over at just the wrong time. Unlike Daniel, I rarely take my machine apart. When I am finished for the day and not planning on using it the next day, I just shut it down after running the belt with the blower on for a few minutes. I definitely would get the cover. It has a ceramic heater in it to help keep everything melted. Don't expect an operators manual. There are a few pages of instructions, but not much in the way of help. You will have to figure out most everything on your own. I spent 3 months fighting the temperature, figuring that the machine just wasn't made to maintain temp like I wanted.  With a little experimenting, I found that the temp probe was wired backwards! After that was corrected, it was much better. Oliver is very good at trouble shooting on the phone:-) As Daniel has said, it is a basic machine. It does most everything I need it to. Freight to Utah was about $700, 18 months ago.  That included customs. I also have an 80# Hilliard without the enrober. I think the Perfect is about as easy to temper as the Hilliard. When running the enrober for several hours, I have to add melted chocolate to keep the level up. I just pour this through the wire belt. 

Thanks for the tips Ruth - much appreciated.

Hi Lana,

I've seen the Selmi's vibrating table with scraper in action and that seems pretty convenient. If Perfect can create that for you, that seems like a good thing to consider.

I really don't know too much about the other features. What I can tell you is that when you are enrobing with a wheel machine, it is good to have the tempering unit at least half full of chocolate.  If you are planning on a very long enrobing session , it is good to have another source of melted chocolate. I simply use a 6kg Mol D'art melter full of chocolate and that keeps me stocked enough at my current capacity which is around 3500 bon bons per enrobing session.

Very helpful once again.  Thank you Daniel. 

It's my pleasure. Let us know what you end up getting and how it is working for you when you are start enrobing. There is a definitely an adjustment period while you figure out how the machine works. After that, you will be happy you have an enrober.


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