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Dear chocolatiers, Im Erika Reich and I have my small chocolate manufacture in Iran (Tehran), which I started a year ago. There are some ingredients (for ganache making) which is difficult to find here. Like rich cream. The fat contant of the creams are 25-30% . Receipes often call for 35-38%. How can I make my ganache richer? Can I use oil (like canola, or olive oil)?

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I would not substitute all oil to replace cream. You will need to experiment with the proportions, but you can use canned coconut milk and some amount of coconut oil. Definitely do not use canola or olive oil. I've found that even the most mild olive oil has too strong a taste for ganaches/fillings and canola oil can leave an off-putting after taste.

Thank you Andrea!

I would add butter for the additional fat.

I'd second this.  Erika what types of fat are regularly available to you?


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