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Hello to all,

can anyone recomend a good airbrush? I am only familiar with a few models in the Omni line that I use at work.


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I use the Badger 250. It's cheap so you can buy lots of them, and because of its design it's very difficult to clog. Here's a link to Tower Hobbies
I have used the Badger 250 and recently pickup up a quick-change set from Harbor Freight. For under $10, I have the airbrush, hoses and 5 jars and 5 quick-change lids. The bottles interchange with the Badger bottles. It is nice to be able to leave color in the bottles and just put them in the microwave when I need them.
The Badger 250 is a great little starter airbrush. When you get into more serious airbrushing - gotta love the Fuji gravity feed units - they let you splatter beautifully and there is much less aerosol produced.
I have three badger 250s. I love them. I have 2 other brushes that cost $80 plus, and the Badger is still my first choice. You can get them for about $14 if you have a Michaels 40% off coupon. If not, $25 and it comes with an extra jar

Oh, and the quick change set from harbor Freight is amazing as well! Its like $10-12


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