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I'm looking for a guillotine to cut Cacao beans- Anyone have any leads?

Like this one.

Any leads would be appreciated.


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Well Thanks- I Looked but I guess I looked in the wrong spot.

The first link is broke but the second one works.


that's the new, correct link for the first reply
Thank you so much. But a $1000 bucks is a bit more than I expected.
We were also reluctant to pay in the 4 digits (USD or Euro) and managed to source a decent quality guillotine from pretty much home made by a local supplier. Can supply photos, just send me a message if you're interested. 600 USD + shipment.


Would love to see photos of what you've produced. I've been looking into ways to make the less expensively, too.

:: Clay

Me too!  Please post pics.

I am interested. Please send me details as to where I can buy a cocoa gulluotine.

I am based in New Jersey, USA.



Hello, I know you posted this 2 years ago, but do you have the picture of the pretty much home made guillotine please.



Hi Thomas, sure give me your email address and I will send you photos.

Thanks, you can send to:

Sam -

Please post photos here on the ChocolateLife (there's a link below the comment box after you click reply where you can upload photos).. Or - you can create a photo album and link to the photo album. 

If you share here, you won't be bombarded with lots of individual requests to send the photos.

:: Clay


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