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Where can I find for purchase a wide selection of chocolate from a variety of different fine chocolatiers?

Greetings to my fellow chocolate lovers. The passage of time effects surprising changes.... I was the girl on the block who gave away her Halloween candy. I didn't like sweets - especially chocolate! Fast forward many years - and here I am posting on thechocolatelife. I'm fairly new to fine chocolate. I'm looking for a company that I can order from that sells a selection - not just from one chocolatier. Chatham's stock represented 200+ chocolates from fine chocolatiers world-wide. Any suggestions for websites, companies, etc.? Unfortunately, Chatham's of Scottsdale/Phoenix has closed shop.

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My name is Molly. I am the owner and Taste Temptress of Drexelius Chocoaltes. I sell a selection of all natural chocolate from some of the world's best chocolate makers:

Thanks, Molly. I will check it out right now!
Hi April,
The best chocolate shop that I have seen is Ye Olde Friars. Living in northern England we used to holiday ever summer in the Lakes and one of the highlights of this trip was visiting this shop. Anyways enough of the reminiscing! They have just launched their web-site which is fantastic news as a live in the south now. I don't know what your tastes are but I love the dark chocolate cherry liqueurs which have the stalks and pips still attached. Also I have developed a taste for the unusual Hachez bars, flavours such as strawberry and pepper. Weird but surprisingly tasty! That’s enough waffling from me, here's the web address

Cheers Clare
Thank you so very much. I shall investigate. Sounds delectable!
Hi April,

Wonderful to have you here at thechocolatelife! Pls see for a curated collection of fine chocolates from France, US, Italy, South America & Africa. You can choose by brand or by cacao bean origin. Because there's quite a few to choose from, I can help you select the bar you like - milk, dark, single-origin, with infusions, etc. We're currently offering free gift-wrapping for Valentine's Day. You can contact me at It's nice to meet another chocolate enthusiast! =)
Thank you for responding to my post. I will be pleased to view your website :-)
Chocosphere has a great selection. The owners are very helpful and I've always been very pleased with how promptly and efficiently I get my orders.
The Meadow has a good selection, but their prices are higher than Chocoshpere (at least the one time I ordered).
World wide chocolate
also has a great selection, but I haven't ordered from them.
Thank you for the tips! I did find a shop in San Francisco called CocoaBella Chocolates. They have a fine selection representing some of the best chocolatiers.
They have a great selection of truffles from wonderful chocolatiers -- glad you found what you were looking for!
My quest will never keeps unfolding...forever expanding...
If you are in San Francisco, Fog City News has a large selection of fine chocolate bars and truffles. The staff is very helpful and friendly.
Thank you!


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