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Where can I find for purchase a wide selection of chocolate from a variety of different fine chocolatiers?

Greetings to my fellow chocolate lovers. The passage of time effects surprising changes.... I was the girl on the block who gave away her Halloween candy. I didn't like sweets - especially chocolate! Fast forward many years - and here I am posting on thechocolatelife. I'm fairly new to fine chocolate. I'm looking for a company that I can order from that sells a selection - not just from one chocolatier. Chatham's stock represented 200+ chocolates from fine chocolatiers world-wide. Any suggestions for websites, companies, etc.? Unfortunately, Chatham's of Scottsdale/Phoenix has closed shop.

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might as well give us a try too...

I wasnt selected as one of North America's Top 10 this last year for my looks....
Thanks Jeff!
Hi again, Jeff
I just checked out your website. Your chocolates are exquisite! Will order soon. Thanks again.
enjoy....and when your order...enter:


as a coupon code for a 10% discount...
No birthdays or occasions coming up in March - guess they'll have to be for me! I shall enjoy. Thanks again, Jeff!
Don't forget the small guys. We're relatively new and open to suggestions for new products...

Enjoy! - Walter
Thank you, Walter! If I have any suggestions for new items, I'll be sure to let you know. Peace...
For the best filled chocolates in the world, you will usually only find them in their own store, as they will not be distributed intensely.

If you haven't tried Chocolatier Blue in Berkeley, you are missing out. His ingredients are WAY above the industry standard. Uses nothing but Amedei (even for sculpture) and the unpasteurized cream he uses would retail for about $90 a gallon. I could go on and on about his other ingredients, but you get the picture. By far the best in my opinion.
Ya - I have been discovering that! Also, shipping to warm locations is exorbitant. Worth it in some cases!

Thanks for the tip on Chocolatier Blue.

Also Chocolate Covered - a store in SF (Noe Valley area, I think).
Hi April!

Our company "Chocolate Events" don't make real Chocolate, only elegant events :) But we have Chocolate Boutique where you can find many interesting accessories about theme - Chocolate. Maybe you will found something for your shop or for you!
All things are handmade by Latvian artists - we have together more than 30 partners. Here are stright link: (on the right side, down - choose EN, to see in english.)

Have a nice time :)


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