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This is a Godiva mat that the strawberries are drying on. Once dried the strawberries will have the Godiva imprint on the bottom. I am looking to get a custom made one of these for my own brand. Does anyone know what this is technically called or where to order custom mats from?

Thanks newb here. 

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I have a suggestion for a less expensive and far more flexible alternative:

After dipping the strawberries, set them on shaved chocolate, or crushed Skor bits, or toasted coconut or something like that.  It takes no added effort, will add depth of flavour, allow you to charge more, and clearly differentiate your strawberries from every other boring chocolate dipped strawberry out there (except now that I've written this and everybody else starts doing it!  LOL).


I don't want to sound like a party pooper here, but who looks at the bottom of the strawberry anyway?  They sure will if it's coated with something!


...anyway, it's just an idea.



Very good ideas but my wife is looking to do small batch orders, not necesarily for Chocolate dipped fruits and would like to brand her chocolate pieces this way. 

I believe I've actually seen these being cut up for Godiva years ago it's called embossed belting try Maertens or Ammeraal Beltech.


I think it was close to 1k to have just a die made to do this for a tunnel belt.


Kevin -

As there is no water in chocolate, technically it does not dry. It crystallizes and hardens as it cools. Not a big deal but it is helpful to be technically accurate.

These mats are expensive, but, there may be a couple of ways to make one that's not too stupidly expensive.

What comes immediately to mind is to use a laser etcher on a sheet of thin stainless. There is certainly a laser etching service near you (search online) that can do this. You could also use a 3D printer to make a pattern and pull custom molds using food-grade silicon. In both cases, a CAD file of the logo would be the input and you'd create a step and repeat pattern before actually etching or printing the design.

Another thing to consider is custom transfer sheets. Not infinitely reusable as the mat is, but easy to source.

:: Clay

Is there such a thing as custom texture sheets?

Thanks all for you feedback and replies. I will figure out another way. 

This looks like a piece of belt from a cooling tunnel. I know you can get custom belts made for cooling tunnels with logos/patterns on, but you have to buy a massive roll. I would just imagine Godiva are using some of their excess belt/off cuts to dip product onto in store.


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