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Where can I learn how to make my own chocolate bars from the bean?

I want to learn hands on how to make my own chocolate bars from the bean. I want to do this at home so I'll need to learn about the equipment needed. Would anyone like to offer me an apprenticeship?


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ecole chocolat has a bean-to-bar program that starts April 23, 2010. If you don't want to wait that long, there are many tutorials at Chocolate Alchemy. Alchemy also has a lot of the basic starter equipment for sale.
Thanks but I don't learn well on-line and I'd rather find a small chocolate company I can intern with rather than pay $.
Aloha Miss Debar,
If you send me an email I'll send you my publication called 'Making Chocoalte from Scratch' I uploaded to Chocolate Life but can't find it now.

My name is Cassandra and I'm new to the forum.. Is there someone who could give me a recipe for recipe for chocolate. My little sister will be celebrating her 7th birthday and I wanted to surprise her with a cake or anything that has chocolate on it.

Hello H.C. Skip BIttenbender, it seem you have more knowledge with this stuff, maybe you could help me? Thanks


The discussion you are looking for is here. The PDF file is attached to the main post.

:: Clay


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