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Hi Everyone!

I have a question that has probably been asked a million times but I can't locate the answer on this forum. Does anyone know where I can purchase wholesale chocolate in the TampaBay Florida area? I am also willing to have my chocolate shipped but I can find only one or two websites to compare prices. Thanks in advance.


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Try Qzina - here is the location information

Qzina Miami (US headquarters)
1726 W. Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach, FL
USA 33069
Tel: 954-590-4000
Toll Free: 1-800-532-5269
Fax: 954-975-5421
Thank you so much for the info. I will check them out today.
Thank you for the information...I will check them out today.
Are you looking for bulk or retail packaged bars? What brands are you interested in? I sell Amano, Amedei, Pralus, Patric, Valrhona and Domori in bulk and retail. In either case I would be happy to provide you with a price list. We are based in Utah, but have shipping down to a science. It would not cost much to ship it there. Give me your email address if you are interested and I will send you a price list.

Matt Caputo
Thank you for the info. I will contact you soon.

I live up the road from you in Valrico, FL and am a consultant to the chocolate industry - having been Head of Corp. R&D for Jacobs Suchard in Switzerland for 9 years and worked for a major engineering company in the industry.

To be honest - the only places that you may be able to buy chocolate is from Vahlrona in France or Max Felchlin, Switzerland.

Guittard is the only North American Manufacturer that may supply small quantities. Even Schokinag that was doing this (not especially good quality) has been bought by ADM.

It is coming to the point that you need to make your own, but even that has its difficulties - depends on how much you need per day.

if you e-mail me at I will call you (anytime).


Chris Taylor
Thanks Chris, I'll be in touch soon.
Assuming that you wish to purchase couverture for using to make confections (and not bars to sell) you will want to talk with either the importer or the local distributor.

So - think of the brands you want to use, look them up on the web site, contact them and find out who the local distributor is. In many cases working with the local distributor is going to be easier for you. For example, you might get better prices by going direct to Guittard but they have a 500 lb minimum order. You might get your local distributor to match that price by giving them the business - they may qualify for larger discounts based on bigger order volume.

The importer for Felchlin is Swiss Chalet Fine Foods ( down in Miami. They have an 800# so give them a call and ask for the name of the rep who handles your area. Keep in mind that Felchlin makes more than just its Grand Cru line. There are other, less expensive, lines that you can consider.

I know the name of the national sales manager for Guittard, but again you want a local rep. Go to the Guittard web site ( for the 800# and ask for the name of the rep in your area.

There's been some success lately with TCHO's PRO line. They mostly sell direct but call them and ask.

Another reason to consider going with an American-made chocolate is that you don't have to worry about fluctuations in the exchange rate. Right now the Pound and the Euro are down from their heights six months ago, but prices have really not fallen as companies are trying to retain their margins.

Cluizel's US organization is at

Barry Callebaut is in Pensauken, NJ and the phone number can be found on this page at B-C has not only the Callebaut line but Cacao Barry and Carma, and others.

Qzina is a multi-line distributor - they carry Callebaut, Valrhona, and others. Th Qzina website is very badly designed and hard to navigate, so it may be best to give them a call. However, they do have a national footprint.

I would recommend contacting Matt Caputo if you haven't already ... I always recommend giving business to ChocolateLife members wherever possible - plus we've been having some fascinating offline conversations and he's a great guy and I think you'd enjoy doing business with him.

Finally, at this point, and with all due respect to Christopher Taylor, I don't think that making your own chocolate is where you should be thinking. It takes an entirely different skill set to make a couverture-quality chocolate (where consistent technical workability as well as flavor is important) from that required to make confections. Given some of the other questions you've been asking, my counsel would be to concentrate on what you're doing, make money, and decide later on if making your own chocolate is in your future. If it is - we'll be here to help. It will take no less time, money, and research to find a good chocolate distributor than it will to find sources of cocoa beans.
Hello Lisa,
May I suggest the company I work for? It's Swiss Connection in Orlando at 1-800-537-9477. We are a food service distributor in Orlando with a large variety of different chocolates and ingredients. You can check out the assortment at We ship nationwide and have no minimums. If you ever want to call and just get information, please don't hesitate. It's not always about the sale - it's about the passion for chocolate!
I personally use Merckens chocolate and you can buy it at D& G Occasions in Orlando and they will sell you bulk depending upon the amount of bulk chocolate you need...I have not tried anyone else simply because I LOVE their dark chocolate (not bitter) and my customers really like it too.....
I have a question for you....Merckens chocolate is a coating type chocolate correct? I am looking for couverture chocolate in Florida. I didn't see anythng other than Merckens on the website.
You can contact Tierra Nueva in Miami Gardens. They have their own chocolate production machinery and can make a custom product for you or they have standard couvertures.


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