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Hi Everyone!

I have a question that has probably been asked a million times but I can't locate the answer on this forum. Does anyone know where I can purchase wholesale chocolate in the TampaBay Florida area? I am also willing to have my chocolate shipped but I can find only one or two websites to compare prices. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Lisa,
I just recently became a member of the Chocolatelife and saw that we're neighbors! We own a gourmet chocolate shop in Valrico on Lithia Pinecrest road in the Steinmart mall. We'd love for you to come visit and if there is anything we can do to help or guide you it would be our pleasure. We love meeting people who have the same love and passion for chocolate. Our shop number is 813-643-8500. My husband and I run the shop. It truly is a family business!
Leena and Anthony
You all might want to contact Tierra Nueva down in Miami, they will custom manufacture chocolate for you and they also have standard products.

or if you're interested you can make your own chocolate recipes starting with Liquor, sugar, etc with the NETZSCH ChocoEasy
Leena and Anthony,
It's so nice of you to invite me to your shop. When the weather gets nice I would love to stop by and visit. I have always wanted to open a choclate shop. I once had an antique/candle store in a quaint little town and I loved it! If only I could do the same with my chocolates. Recently I've had difficulty tempering and I'm not sure why. I was thinking of buying the Rev Delta and wonder what your thoughts are on the machine? Since you also live in Florida I know that you too deal with our humidity issues. Any thought on the subject would be appreciated. Good luck with your business and hopefully I will have the chance to stop by and say hello soon.
Hi Lisa,

Would love to meet you in person. As far as the Rev Delta, I know Chocovision makes a good product. I owned 2 Rev X models. Great machines, only problem was the baffle. They broke too often. I got a great deal from Chocovision on 2 scratch and dents and they came with a 1 year warranty. The people at Chocovision were very helpful. I dealt with Ian. They always sent me a replacement baffle, no problems. I now own a tempering machine by Perfect ( they are in Canada) and I also own a large Hilliards enrober that I've had for 11 years and it's a workhorse. As far as humidity, yes it definitely affects the chocolates. My shop is pretty enclosed so its not too bad, but working in a large space with a lot humidity in the air will slow the tempering process down. As far as wholesale chocolate, I deal with Sergio Tasende of Albert Uster imports. Qzina also services this area. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thanks.





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