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Happy New Year friends of The Chocolate Life,
I start the new year in search of a premium chocolatier that makes excellent sugar free truffles.
I found out today that my current sugar free chocolate supplier, Mary Chocolatier of Brussels, is no longer producing sugar free pieces. My customers love Mary's sugar free and so did I. I am totally out of sugar-free truffles (it took Mary's customer service team a little while to get back to me), which mean's I'm in a panick state of mind.
Does anyone know of a chocolatier that makes really good sugar-free truffles.

Thank you in advance.
The Chocolate Bar of Encino

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A friend recently visited Williamsburg, VA and found sugar free heart healthy chocolates from Angelic Chocolates.  The company claims they only use 4 cocoa beans from 4 different countries and Himalayan Salt blended together.  Nothing else.  I am just wondering if this is at all possible, as my friend said the chocolates were very good but she could not help but wonder if the ingredients were truly correct. 


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