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Hello. How does someone get started in this buisiness? I mean, how do you begin a small chocolate buisiness? Ideally I would like to have a small shop and maybe even make my own someday. Can you start in your kitchen? You know, buying it in bulk from a wholesaler and molding it and decorating it? What are the very first steps to take?

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You can go to here you can buy a sample of different chocolates and test out which ones work best with your recipes.

For an online store you can go to rent-a-coder and a developer can help you for less money.

Hope all is well!
Hi Joshua,
I've started my own cake and confection business. I am primarily based out of my home (yeah, there are some laws that go with that) but I use a professional kitchen at a local coffee house in exchange for making some pastries for them. What I started doing was private orders but now I'm branching into Chocolate & Wine tasting parties. I bring my current collections plus I repackage bulk chocolate for my clients. So, they can make their own treats at home. There are not high end chocolate shops in Peoria, Il (pop. 300,000). I have booked 3 parties in a month and have a small waiting list for more (I only do this part time). Here is a list of stuff I bring with me to the parties:
Things that I make-
Truffles, drinking chocolate (I make this), marshmallows, Rocky Road Bars, dipped fruit & nuts
Things that I don't make-
chips, cocoa powder,
Price list
comment forms for the chocolates
Good Luck
You could sell on an already established site like - it's like ebay for artisan food. I've been drooling over some of their options. That could give you web presence and be a stepping stone for your path to your own site with no upfront development costs. Also, a small selection wouldn't be a problem because foodzie is a marketplace. it wouldn't preclude you from having your own site, I believe a lot of people have their own sites in addition to being part of foodzie.


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