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While in San Diego about 12 years ago, I visited the major mall and discovered a unique Chacolate shop in the food section which had "fresh made" chocolates. In the window were three table top enrobers, one of which was being worked by an employee at the time.
I inquired about them, but they wouldn't tell me whre they came from or who made them. I have never seen anything like it since. They appear (in my memory) to be simialr to the Hilliard's little dipper machines, but they were more self contained and definitely a work of art.
I don't know if I could afford at least one, but I would sure be interested in any informationa bout them or something like them. I assume they were laboratory type models. I have often wondered if they are even still there since I have not had the opportunity to get out that way since!
Any information would be appreciated.

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