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Where can we buy liquid sorbitol? 

It has to be high quality. I checked with some main top food distributors in the area and they don't carry the item.

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I see that you are in the U.S., so you can find it at Chef Rubber:  I don't know about the quality of the product.

Yeah I am in the US.

Thanks for the reference, I will look into and call the company to ask about its quality. Thank you Jim.

If anyone else has any other companies that would be great! Thanks : )

I am curious as to what you mean by "high quality."  I doubt that any vendor is going to acknowledge that his product is of other than high quality.

The chocolatier I talked to said to not buy any products from supermarkets since they are inferior to the products you can obtain from wholesale distributors in the confectionary industry. Following this advice, since Chef Rubber is not carried by any of these distributors, I thought it may be less quality. 

It looks as if I have no choice anyway. They are the only company that I'm aware that sells it ----  thanks for mentioning them. 

Chef Rubber is certainly not a super market. Paul specializes in specialty items for the pastry/chocolatier market. I have never found any of his products to be less than top quality. Chef Rubber does not make the products, but distribute them is small enough quantities that yu are able to buy

Glad you think they are high quality. I have already placed an order.

Thanks for the feedback guys. 


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