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where to buy polycarbonate Chocolate molds in Miami ? any adress ?

Hi everybody,
I write U from Chile.
I have a friend who goes next week in Miami to visit family and at the same time  buy some polycarbonate molds for chocolate ; )
Here in Chile its really too expensive, so could you recomand me some good adresses in Miami ????

Thanks a lot in advance
Best regards

Benouse from Santiago de Chile

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Tomric would be happy ship to an address in Miami and an order can be placed at the website (
Let us know.

Hello Brian,
how long time for sure does it takes for you to send the molds from N.Y to miami ?

best regards

You are not likely to find a source of professional-grade molds in Miami where you can just go and walk into a store and expect to find a wide variety and a large number in stock.

Molds can be shipped (assuming they are in stock) and order processing at Tomric is prompt and arrive in Miami in 3-5 days via ground shipping, less if you want to pay for shipping by air. Molds are not all that heavy, so a "2-Day SuperSaver" rate might be affordable.

Again, the keys are: are the molds you want in stock, how many of each mold is in stock, and how long it takes from the time the supplier gets your order until it ships.

(BTW - I just went searching Google for "polycarbonate chocolate molds miami" and this thread is the number one search result - about 12 hours after it was initially posted. Thanks to all you ChocolateLife members - you rock. It's your support that makes this happen. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a source of polycarbonate chocolate molds in Miami.)
Hello Clay !
thanks for your answer.
I will tranfer your message to my friend and she will do her best to buy in Tomric...
See U in a next post or why not in Chile if U plan a trip in south America ?
Here we do not have cocoa but fantastic wines ; ) so U never now

best regards



Thanks for the quick response and yes if the item is in stock it will ship the same day as the order is placed.



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