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Hi all. I would like to know where people buy large quantities of chocolate -- names of wholesalers, websites, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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You may want to go to your local baker and see where they get there's as they typically carry chocolate for cakes as well and fondant along with other ingredients. Or ask a caterer. I say this because they will know someone local rather than paying shipping buying online. Hope that helps?
Hi Dirke,

I know of one distributor locally who carries chocolate but their selection is extremely limited. I will do some research on other distributors in the area. Good idea!
Thank you very much. You've given me something to go on.
Susanna, you can buy wholesale from most chocolate makers direct or through distributors. Example: Scharffen Berger and El-Rey buy direct, Valrhona and Felchlin through distributors. In the case of Felchlin you can set up an account with their main distributor in Florida and have the chocolate shipped anywhere. Most of the chocolate makers have distribution in the US. Sometimes it is less expensive to buy from distributors and sometimes not. Always comparison shop. I found that buying Felchlin directly from their main distributor (Swiss Chalet) was cheeper then buying from other distributors, who get the Felchlin from Swiss Chalet. In the case of El-Rey and Scharffen Berger I bought directly because I could get what I wanted. There are minimums but sometimes the amounts really are not that much.

The question for you is what do you want to buy- quality wise, and how much to you want. If you just want bulk no flavor chocolate or higher end chocolates. Plus, where are you located.

Good luck!
Many thanks. I definitely don't want no flavor chocolate. I haven't tried Felchlin -- will have to give that w whirl!


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