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does anyone have any good links for searching used chocolate machinery? 

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You might want to try  Jim Greenberg and his brother buy and sell a LOT of chocolate equipment for many different volumes of production.

I've always had very good luck with the Classifieds at the Retail Confectioners' Association website.


There are a lot of resources here on TheChocolateLife to point you in the right direction. It helps to know what you're looking for. I'd point you in one direction if you were looking for machinery to produce 10MT of chocolate from the bean than I would for a tempering machine or similar.

Make sense?

:: Clay

Thanks for your response.  I am now thinking I want a Savage bros (or similar) auto temperer  (that doesn't require seed)  and a melanger/concher?    I am using cacao powder and butter at the moment and coconut sugar, but want to source paste instead of powder.  I am not sure if a melanger is necessary to mix the sugar in, I am thinking it will help my texture though.  I am currently using a vita mix to powder the sugar, and I am tempering using a double boiler.  I also wondered what is the difference between a temperer and a moulding machine?  I saw a Preformac moulding machine on one of these sites, haven't investigated that company yet.  


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