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Any one can guide on which chocolate spray gun to purchase?

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What do you want to do with it?

Hi Sam, I've been discussing this in another thread, and I just bought a Krebs LM25. I almost got a Wagner one but was concerned they are meant for paint and not food. It arrived today and first impressions are good, a few choices of nozzle depending on the concentration of application needed (I use the wider one for spraying trays of doughnuts mainly).


 Have you tried it with chocolate yet?  What is the material for the nozzle - ie can you hit it with a heat gun if it gets blocked?

Hi Kerry admittedly I'm using quite thin chocolate because it's just a topping, but it seems to be handling this okay. Anything thicker and the the higher wattage one would probably be better though. Not sure about the nozzle yet, seems quite easy to clean though, I just made sure I flushed it though with warm water as soon as I'd finished with it

Can you adjust the flow?

@ Kerry-  Yes, you can adjust the power of the food gun by the knob at the back, so you can change the flow from very powerful, to almost nothing.   There is an online brochure which shows this better.

As Mark points out, if you need the extra power required to spray very thick materials, then you can choose the Krebs LM45 spray gun.

Krebs Switzerland Food spray guns

I would urgently like to know if the Krebs has a substantial air flow please? I am doing very light products (freeze dried fruit) and as they are so light I need as small an air plow as I can get.

Any thoughts please? I'm in a bind and need to purchase a gun as soon as possible.


Hi Colin,

You can use the Krebs LM25 (60W) food spray gun and simply turn the power knob right down for a very small airflow. It works exactly as it sounds and we sell many many food guns into the market for cake decoration etc where a delicate balance of power options are needed.

If you go to the Krebs gun food sprayer web page you can find more info- or contact me on this link and I'll arrange a gun for you ASAP.

Kind regards,

Krebs Switzerland Food spray guns

Thanks so much for this. I am going to have another try at the system I have purchased as it cost me quite a bit of money and I have not tried the dilution with cocoa butter idea as yet. I have ordered some and it should arrive tomorrow. The high air flow is a problem although I can turn it down - although I assume that that will imact the way the sprayer works.

I am in Australia so I assume that I can get one here OK.

Hi Colin- yes, we ship to Oz very often and just setting up a couple of dealers there as getting too many enquiries for the food guns to manage direct.  Just give me a shout if you need one sourcing.

King regards

Krebs Switzerland Food spray guns

Can you give me a price please? And shipping. (at)

Preferably 240V 50 Hz although I do have US power (120V 60Hz) too if needed.


Hi Colin.

I'll send a quote for the Krebs LM45 food sprayer- and the suction extension tube in case you want to spray direct from a larger container.  We provide with the local power requirements so Oz is fine.

Kind regards

Krebs Switzerland Food spray guns


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