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Any one can guide on which chocolate spray gun to purchase?

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Greetings Where can we get the spray gun in the US? THanks Rick B Green Goddess Organic Chocolate

Hi Rick- sorry for the late reply- just seen this.  

In case you didn`t already get hold of the KREBS food sprayer already, we have dealers in the US that keep it on stock including Albatross and Kerekes.  

If you need any help, just contact me here

Have you figured this out yet? I'd love to know how you did!


I'm stumped, I can think of how you'd spray very light products..........isn't the over spray as much of an issue as the air pressure?

The only way I've been able to do similar was to completely coat the product in a very thin chocolate (tossing in a bowl, like you would a salad) and then sifting it out laying it on to parchment to dry. I'd love to know an easier way.

Hi Wendy,

Yes - I think I have it now. Although still working on it.

The spray gun was a total failure for the reasons given earlier. However two very good things came from it. One was that if anyone is thinking of using a standard spray gun for chocolate I'd sincerely suggest that they DON'T go there. I'm now told that if I want to use milk chocolate then that's different - should have specified that in the first place. Buy new needles and nozzels. I give up. I have no belief that that will work now. So I have blown my money.

The GOOD part is that I do have belief in the Krebs product not the least for the wonderful attitude and help from Sean from Krebs that pops up on this forum. He has good answers for chocolate spraying although I am still cautious of the air pressure. However the following seems to indicate that I won't need to spray.

(Incidentally, the overspray can be handled by spraying into a BIG BOX. Simply work within it.)

The second VERY good idea came from this forum and some others I have been chasing around with. I tempered a 50/50 mix of Sicao milk chocolate and cocoa butter and as you say, piled my strawberries into the pot. Have to work quite fast and REALLY watch the temperatures. Then pour them into a seive and let the chocolate mix drip out. (Did I say to REALLY watch the temperature?) Then pick the berries off one by one - a fast process - and place them on a special "chocolate mat" I purchased. The chocolate won't seep into the mat and the strawberries break off cleanly with almost no "foot".

When they "set" - as the mix is tempered that happens quickly - I simply take them off and pile them into the pan and start to build the chocolate up. The layer is really thin but as it's tempered it's hard and the strawberries tumble well without breaking up - although I need REAL care as once they start to break they go to pieces quickly.

This process has drastically shortened the process from a two day process to about seven hours turnaround and I am convinced that I can reduce it further. It's still not really "commercial" but a LOT better.  I am about to do the same with dark and white chocolate too.

Also looking at enrobing to see if I can make it faster still but the above may not mean that I can delay purchasing the enrober (although I REALLY want it for other things too) if modifications to the above work even better.

I have this weekend installed an AMAZING "Cool Bot" - idea also from this forum - which will help me HEAPS with low temperature control (after tempering and in panning). And am waiting for my new 70Kg pan to arrive too. PLUS a new spray system for the pan.  With all of these I SHOULD be able to make commercial quantities semi-automated in time for the Christmas rush.

Hello Wendy. I just read about the "CoolBot" system I am fascinated by it. Reading on their website, it helps that they are honest about where the system will NOT work and who should not buy it. Has it helped your tempering process? 

As you might gather from my page I represent a company that deals with all things chocolate, save for actual provision of slabs. We also conduct workshops through ROTARY and other NGOs  as part of their initiatives to generate employment amongst specific groups. Reading about "CoolBot" gave me an idea for a low-cost cooling environment that can be adapted and implemented at the grass-root level to take chocolate making to the next level. 

Since we are not chocolatiers at our core, our workshops are generally catered towards the basics. However, you being a chocolatier and if you would be willing, I would be glad if you could provide an insight on your experience with this system.

Krebs 45 is the best answer. fabulous spray gun, great on thicker chocolate & fruit puree

you can buy one online - several to choose from but the 45 is best for thicker liquid

happy cooking!

Love my Krebs45 Spray Gun

used it for butter this weekend for a big job, croissants for 300 for Sunday brunch

fast, no waste and perfect results

After reading all of the above, I have the answer to all your chocolate spraying prayers!

The company mentioned may times in this thread, Krebs have just launched a new spray gun specifically for chocolate, the 'hotchoc'. It's a heated and insulated electric spray gun specifically designed for use with chocolate. Ruth Hinks of Cocoa Black was using it last week on a live web link via The Staff Canteen and its going to be used at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Banbury. It lands in the UK next week :-)

Someone also mentioned 'over spray'. There is minimal overspray with this gun. It's far more accurate than the other models, is lighter and quieter too. Have a look at the You Tube video link that Krebs have been sending out all over the net... 

For anyone wanting to contain mess they have also got a spraybox which compliments the hotchoc. It's a collapsible and washable spray box.

Have a look at the Krebs website to see the details for yourself.  

Hi Mark

A couple of years on and I just want to formally share the news that we have a new KREBS food gun model out- a heated chocolate sprayer that keeps the nozzle warm so there is no clogging and it is great for 50/50 for moulds, finishing, speckling, velvet etc  (to answer your question Kerry).  It`s called the hotCHOC and there are some videos available.

KREBS Food Sprayers

What's the cost of the unit?

Hi Kerry, I`ll send info you about the heated chocolate spray gun.

Hi, I notice that the website specifically mentions a chocolate/cocoa butter mix. How will this gun work with pure coloured cocoa butter on moulds?


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