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I am starting out making chocolate from the 'bean to the bar', but it has become clear that I need to invest in a grinder/melanger to get the chocolate particle size to around 15microns to achieve great flavour and texture. However choosing one is proving difficult, I think I have basically narrowed it down to either a spectra or a cocoatown, they seem to do the same things but are very different in price. In desperate need of help to choose!! I should also note I am in the UK.

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Hello. We love our Premier Grinders.  We do four single origin chocolates in very small batches, so these small machines work very well for us. We also like being able to back off the stones so the chocolate stops grinding but keeps conching. After several hundred hours, the belt got a bit loose so the chocolate was conching but not grinding/refining the particle size down enough.  We opened the top, loosened the nuts that hold the motor in place, adjusted the motor so the belt was tight, and tightened the bolts. Problem solved.  

We also want to add our thanks to those on this forum who have contributed so much information and advice. We would not be making bean-to-bar chocolate without you. 

After your advice and recommendation I am going to go for a premier grinder. From what you and Gap have said the 1.5ltr machine seems to have no problems running for long period of times and has good durability. I was wondering whether or not you have tried/tested the slightly larger premier 2ltr grinder (tilting and no-tilting version) to see whether it is as good as the 1.5ltr one.

Have you asked over at the chocolate alchemy forum (aka chocolate talk proboards)? They have a whole thread for Premier Wonder owners. 

Unfortunately, we have not such a wet grinders here, in Georgia. Can anybody advice where is possible to buy one in internet by reasonable price and in good quality?.. Except and


Моя компания КУДВИК производит меланжеры на 10 и 80 килограмм загрузки в Москве. Они не столь дешевые как индийские, но сделаны из настоящего гранита и пищевой нержавейки.  Мы так же производим дробилку для какао бобов совмещенную с сепаратором. А так же доступны 21 вид ароматических какао бобов. Если вас это заинтересует можете посмотреть видео на моем канале

Благодарю Вас, я посмотрю.

А где возможно ознакомиться с экспортными ценами на продукцию, как на технику так и на бобы?

Мой эл. адрес 

В ответном письме я пришлю интересующую вас информацию.


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