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I am starting out making chocolate from the 'bean to the bar', but it has become clear that I need to invest in a grinder/melanger to get the chocolate particle size to around 15microns to achieve great flavour and texture. However choosing one is proving difficult, I think I have basically narrowed it down to either a spectra or a cocoatown, they seem to do the same things but are very different in price. In desperate need of help to choose!! I should also note I am in the UK.

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After your advice and recommendation I am going to go for a premier grinder. From what you and Gap have said the 1.5ltr machine seems to have no problems running for long period of times and has good durability. I was wondering whether or not you have tried/tested the slightly larger premier 2ltr grinder (tilting and no-tilting version) to see whether it is as good as the 1.5ltr one.

Have you asked over at the chocolate alchemy forum (aka chocolate talk proboards)? They have a whole thread for Premier Wonder owners. 


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