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For small batches of chocolate, can an Indian wet grinder, such as the Ultra Pride +,, work as a small melangeur? I think that this is a smaller unit than ones I have seen offered on other websites.

Oh! I also am interested in anyone's comments on a Corona grain mill for cracking the beans. I understand that it can sufficiently crack the roasted cacao beans. Again, I do not do a large load of beans, so a small item is sufficient for me. I don't want to put the beans in a bag and hit them with a hammer, which is why i am opting for a Corona.

Has anyone tried a roasting drum from this vendor on Ebay?

It looks like a fellow chocolatier has found a good niche product. Anyway, he says "Why purchase an expensive Cocoa (cacao) Bean Roaster when you can buy this extremely easy to use and very inexpensive Cocoa Bean Roaster Drum to roast cocoa beans with your RONCO SHOWTIME 6000 Pro Rotisserie appliance!!"

Has anyone tried roasting this way? I like the inside of the drum, and think that it would do a better job than roasting in an oven where I have to go burn myself while I turn the beans while they roast. I think this could work. Anyone with experiences in using these items?

I think those are the three pieces of equipment that I need input on. The roaster with drum, the Corona grain mill, and the Spectra Ultra Pride +. Thanks for giving me your advice! Annette

Oh! One other question. Compared to the quality of commercially made chocolate, how do you rate your chocolate's taste, look, aroma? What differences do you really see?


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