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Which Tempering Machine to Purchase: FBM, Gami, Selmi or Wheel type


I am sure, this question might have been discussed many number of times. However, every customer has got it's own requirement.

Our 1st concern is: Machine should be Good in Working, Should be Easy to Handle, Operate, Clean and Should give best results.

Our 2nd important concern is: Machine should have longer durability for all parts. There should be a good Technical Support when required, Quick and Reasonably Priced parts. I don't know if i should focus on this or not.

Our 3rd concern is: Machine Accessories.

Budget $10000

We would like to know which machine we should go with:

Selmi One / Color Ex

FBM Compatta

Gami T260

Selmi Plus or Selmi Plus Ex (Only because of enrobber attachment)

Wheel Machines (say Mol D'art or Bacon USA or any other)

I have mentioned Selmi Plus only because of enrobber attachment. Otherwise i believe above mentioned FBM and Gami support enrobber attachments for the above models

I am simply confuse as which machine i should go with. We believe at a cost of $10000 we can only get automatic tempering machine with a capacity of around 10-15kg. Further some machine may not offer enrobber attachment which may be required in the future.

I have mentioned Selmi Plus and Ex above because they offer enrobber attachments from this machine onwards. In case, users recommend this, we can think of increasing the budget or the other way out is to buy small machine initially and then to go with a bigger capacity one once the business is established and good operations are there.

Looking for urgent replies from users.

Company owners / Distributors please don't participate in this forum.

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Yes! There has been a lot of talk about this on this forum about the different types of machines out there. If you want an enrober attachment as well for around $10,000 then your only option is one of the entry level wheel machine such as the one by Perfect Equipment and I believe Bakon USA offers one as well. . You can get excellent results with these machines. You just need to understand chocolate. I own a Perfect Compact Coater, one of the cheapest machines on the market. I have written in depth about it on another post.  It's under the discussion "What is your Dream Machine?" . A Selmi with enrober probably hovers around $30,000. It is a better machine in my opinion and is signifigantly more expensive.  As for my machine, I get excellent support from Perfect in Quebec and have ordered parts when I needed it. I think all the companies you mentioned offer excellent support. 

Sorry, the price $10,000 quoted by me does not includes enrober or any other accessories. My aim, either to get a machine at around $10,000 or +/-$3000 and get enrober and other accessories later or to buy a machine currently which does not supports enrober and get a 2nd machine with enrober after a year of business establishment.

Looking for opinions of the best machines and best options.

I would also like to add Bravo Tempering Machine and Pomati T8 / T10 in the above

Waiting for replies from Chocolatiers

Hi ,

im a chocolate maker and we do quite a bit of chocolate, bars and truffles/pralines.

I'm (not hiding, not a sale rep)  a big fan of FBM. We have a Unica 25kg we running her flat out since almost a year. very little hiccups, simply fixed with a screw driver by me (you can check previous post on it).

just few days ago we did a temp calibration on the pc board, easy game.

Last, we noticed some issue with the tank temperature: a skype meeting, 2 days later the parts arrived free of charge and by my self i simply replaced it with FBM on skype with me all the time. Sure $10k wont be enough for a Unica.... but maybe a Compatta.... 

You have faced so many issues in FBM in a year... ?

Also, am i right, that it takes lot of time in the morning to start and lot of time in tempering the chocolate?

Hi Sam, 

i disbelieve those are a lot of problems. I run the machine flat out and over the limit of production suggested by the manufacturer.

We have increased output thanks to this machine from 400kg to over a ton.

in effect more than "damages" it all has been "fine tuning" to my specification.

The machine was set up to "european" weather condition, i tuned to our conditions.

I asked to caliber all the thermostats  because i'm very pedantic and obsessed with perfection. As well i asked to increase the performance of the tank (melting pot) with elements from a bigger machine so my "downtime" is shorten by 40%.

Most of the people would never try to do that or would never need to do that. We could say i turned a very fast motorbike to a racing motorbike....

In the morning it takes 20 min. to temper just by pressing a button.... you can also set up the machine to be ready even before you arrive to work.... but i like a cup of coffee with my staff when we start the day, so i don't bother with setting timers. 

My 2 cents....



This sounds good.. Even i am finalizing FBM..

Waiting for more comments before i finalize..

Sam ~

We have a SELMI PLUS Tempering machine with SHAKER TABLE and ENROBER for Sale. It works perfectly and is in great condition.

~ PB Marshall

[ Moderator note: THIS IS OFF-TOPIC. The OP asked for information about machines, not about who had a machine for sale. This belongs in CLASSIFIEDS. ]

Any reasons for selling..

Sam ~

I'd be happy to discuss this with you. You can reach me at: (805) XXX-XXXX.

[ Moderator edit: PB - PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION. I am curious to know why you don't want to share your reason for wanting to sell it? The OP asked about impressions of various machines, so it would be helpful to share your impressions with the community. Just FYI, TCL is constantly spidered by Google, so phone numbers can end up in search results, so I deleted it. ]

Hi, just out of curiosity,

is the Selmi plus a 12 kg machine? i have worked in the past with the bigger ones, but i was wondering if the small one are as good as the big ones.

Btw, i like to be clear that i'm not a FBM sale rep. I love their machines and i do not dislike Selmi... i just didn't like their customer service...


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