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Which Tempering Machine to Purchase: FBM, Gami, Selmi or Wheel type


I am sure, this question might have been discussed many number of times. However, every customer has got it's own requirement.

Our 1st concern is: Machine should be Good in Working, Should be Easy to Handle, Operate, Clean and Should give best results.

Our 2nd important concern is: Machine should have longer durability for all parts. There should be a good Technical Support when required, Quick and Reasonably Priced parts. I don't know if i should focus on this or not.

Our 3rd concern is: Machine Accessories.

Budget $10000

We would like to know which machine we should go with:

Selmi One / Color Ex

FBM Compatta

Gami T260

Selmi Plus or Selmi Plus Ex (Only because of enrobber attachment)

Wheel Machines (say Mol D'art or Bacon USA or any other)

I have mentioned Selmi Plus only because of enrobber attachment. Otherwise i believe above mentioned FBM and Gami support enrobber attachments for the above models

I am simply confuse as which machine i should go with. We believe at a cost of $10000 we can only get automatic tempering machine with a capacity of around 10-15kg. Further some machine may not offer enrobber attachment which may be required in the future.

I have mentioned Selmi Plus and Ex above because they offer enrobber attachments from this machine onwards. In case, users recommend this, we can think of increasing the budget or the other way out is to buy small machine initially and then to go with a bigger capacity one once the business is established and good operations are there.

Looking for urgent replies from users.

Company owners / Distributors please don't participate in this forum.

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Hi Sam, 

Did you expect a reply on this, because I really don't want to write too much because everybody has to see for themselves but everybody needs to have the correct information I think...  It's very clear.  The motors are secured until a safe value.  If you are using chocolate that is overkristallising because you set a temperature that is too low, the machine will go in security to safe your machine/motor but also to safe you a lot of time for remelting the chocolate and retempering... If customers are standardly working with thicker chocolate, we will talk the customer through how to set more power on the motor and then you can work perfectly.

About the dosing we have created a wonderful system which you can get the information from Tomric, after all we have to say that the machineries are tempering machinery with a dosing function and not a dosing machine that works 100% accurate.  Now we have the option to do it 100% accurate, so we put a dosing system as an option on the tempering machine and this works perfectly !

I'm here when people ask me or you can contact me by mail.

Very best regards to all and keep up the work with chocolate...


Hi Tom,

all good from my side, i'm an Italian that speaks english mostly with my hands (ha ha ah ah a).

i will get back to you to our other potential deal once the factory is back 100% in shape.

Hi Antonino,

From your previous posts, we can see that your experience with FBM has been great. FBM also seems to be less expensive than other manufacturers.

What did make you try Selmi?



Hi Omar, 

i don't understand 100% the question. 

I have worked in the past with Selmi in a shop, and i didn't found them great. 

Beautiful: yes, good working condition: yes, a bit too pricey for my budget:yes

Then when i was ready to buy a machine i accidently stood on FBM webpage, contact them, and Selmi at same time.

FBM responded immediately and they have been very helpful no matter how big or small my  business was. It took a whole year before i could buy a machine: first plan was the small AURA, then it became Prima and although no deal was closed they never gave up on me.

Till last year: the business got a big kick and we had money to buy one.

We live in South Africa, not really around the corner of Italy, so i had to be 100% sure that if a machine breaks i would  be able to fix it with what is available here. 

South African Engineer are some of the best in the world, so instead of computerized machinery i choose a machine (FBM) that could be fixed here easily (IF I WOULD HAVE PROBLEM, THAT I NEVER HAD).

As well my engineer uses the same motors/mechanic supplier that FBM uses, so it was perfect!

With Selmi, we are interested in a machine that FBM doesn't make. If we will close a deal with them? i don't know: Wishes and money are not best friends! 

So, would i be happy in the same way with Selmi? i will not know, simply because i do not have one of their machine to: a) work with it every day b) running her to the limit and beyond, c) open the "hood" and see if my MacGyver skills are useful.

As Italian, i can't be happier! Two  Italian Companies are the most requested around the world of Chocolate!



Hi Antonino,

You are right. My question was not clear, but you already answered it.

I just wanted to know why you are planning to buy a Selmi machine if you are so happy with FBM (and less expensive).




There is a BIG BIG TYPO on the last reply:

"I have worked in the past with Selmi in a shop, and i didn't found them great."

WAS MEANT TO BE:  "I have worked in the past with Selmi in a shop (Fagiotto's Peratoner) and DID FOUND THEM GREAT!"

My apologies, i still prefer FBM and have ordered another 2 machines , but the Selmi machines are also very good.

My apologies to Selmi for a wrong statement!


Hi Antonino,

I am also based in South Africa and really appreciate your post. I have just "friended" you on the site as I would like to chat with you, if that's OK. I am looking to purchase a tempering machine and have been weighing up the FBM vs. Selmi. I would be interested to talk more about your experiences and get some advice from you.


Clare O'Neill

eClare Chocolates by Design


Hi Sam,

I tried not to post up to now (neither when Tom entered the discussion) but after your question to him, I felt you changed your mind about the reps of the companies. Please forgive me if I am wrong.

Sam I believe you got reply from more than one company: Antonino Allegra, Ankur Bhargava and P. B. Marshall have been your references. Then, of course you have to read between the lines and this is not always easy.
FBM stopped producing water cooling system in 1997. Then started with gas. Our system used to heat an cool water around the augur and heat the water of the bowl. So we can really say which is the best solution.
The water cools the chocolate but it doesn't determine its own temperature, it is the compressor that makes 30,5 or 25,6 °. Compressor cools (and determines the degrees) of water in the same way it does with gas.
Something about our electronical panel: it arranges the heating and the tempering process (to the decimal), dosing with repetitions, cooling, vibrating molds, and set the machine on night cycle. Than something more that the operator do not see.
 Sam, sorry for the above technical boring issue. I know that in the major part of the cases this is something that bother the customer. But there are some customers (like Mr Allegra) who go crazy for this explanations and technical features (and of course we go crazy for these customers) who prefer to go deep into it because they want to know what they really buy (also under a technical point of view).
Maybe you have further , less technical, questions to do, feel free to dare. I am at your disposal.
 Mr Allegra, thank you for your support in this discussion, I believe you are not used to buy a personal computer to a store but to assembly it by yourself! Am I right?

HI Giuseppe,

No i wouldn't dare to put  a computer together by my self, i actually have the same one for about 8 years and i'm scared to touch it....

I'm good with simple things, but if i put my mind into something i learn how to do it.

I have made my own guitar and my own "melting pot" with a digital thermostat "stolen" from a reptile tank....that how far i could go with "electronic" 

there is no moving parts: no mechanics= no fun for me....

I am definitely a geek when it comes to chocolate machinery, especially tempering machines and enrober. In my experience, the people that know about these machines best are the people who represent and sell the machines. Here in North America, I have spoken with reps for Selmi, Savy Goiseau, LCM, Novachoc, Perfect, Bakon USA, etc... and I have never been pressured to bite the bullet if I was not 100% ready. They have all been able to answer very detailed questions about how their machinery works.  Some of the people who sell these machines are actually engineers first and sales people second.

Wow, i hope i didn't start a negative competition between sale reps and companies!

What surprise me is that although this tread has got already 20 reply, no chocolatier is taking part of it!

Where are you guys? no one wants to share their secrets???


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